King Kunta (A drawing of Kendrick Lamar)

Hi folks,
This is a drawing of the Hip-hop phenom, Kendrick Lamar I thought I should share with you. I made it some few months ago using Charcoal and graphite pencils on cardboard

. It is a really special piece to me ’cause it taught me patience as I spent three weekends making it.

Now let me talk about Kendrick Lamar Duckworth, he is a 28 year old unquestionably talented rapper from Compton, California. Incredibly bestowed with the gifts of storytelling, wordplay, imagery, and the ability to consistently utter thought-provoking lines, he is on fire and there is no match for him out there (no pun intended).

He started gaining attention after he released his mixtape, Overly Dedicated (OD) in 2010. He then released Section.80 his first independent album, in 2011 which happens to be one of my favourite albums. In 2012, his major-label debut album, good kid, m.A.A.d city, was released, it met widespread critical acclamation and it became an instant classic. His third and latest studio album, To Pimp a Butterfly (TPAB), was released in 2015. Unarguably the album of the year, ‘TPAB’ is another classic addition to King Kunta’s already impressive archive.


  • He has 11 nominations in the upcoming 2016 Grammy awards (pretty awesome right?!) It is the highest for a Rapper in a single night and the second highest ever for any artiste behind only Michael Jackson who holds the record of 12 nominations in one night.
  • In total, He has been nominated for the Grammys 20 times. Yes, 20 times. He got 7 nominations at the 2014 Grammy awards where he was infamously snubbed, he won 2 Grammys a year later after getting 2 nods and his last 11 nominations are still pending. *fingers crossed*
  • He was a straight A student at Centennial high school, Compton. The same school Dr Dre attended.
  • He was listed as number 9 in the controversial billboard’ “greatest rappers of all time” list.
  • His latest album, To Pimp a Butterfly broke the first-day record on the streaming service Spotify after its release. It was streamed more than 9.6 million times around the world.

Check out the progress shots of the drawing below!

Progress shot #1
Progress shot #1
Progress shot #2
Progress shot #2
Progress shot #3
Progress shot #3
Final stage
Final stage

As an incentive, I’m going to leave y’all with these two immaculate untitled songs performed by Kendrick. He performed them live on The Colbert Report and Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight show respectively. Click the thumbnails to watch.

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Untitled 2
Untitled 2

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