In a world, where many are yet to grasp the deep meaning of ‘love’ as it has been reduced to nothing but another tritely thrown around word;

Where loving is actually seen as a trait of weakness and most love only for tangible benefits brought to their table;

Where the admission of ones love is more likely to grant the lovee room to disrespect you and invariably take advantage of your disposition;

Where people tend to insult your intelligence and toy with your emotions having mastered the art of flattery, deception, falsifying feelings and subsequently leaving others in the lurch;

Where cruelty is often celebrated and seen as a sign of strength, empathy is nonexistent and the significance of a simple apology has been disregarded because being a savage is the norm and ‘cool’ thing to be;

Where most will unhesitatingly betray the trust of others, slandering them for likes and comments because of course, the public receive such with alacrity;

Where selflessness is seen as foolishness and acts of benevolence especially when unsolicited, will sometimes be met with ingratitude;

Where most possess an incredibly retentive memory filled with defects of others but turn amnesiac when it’s time to recall good deeds shown their way;

Where it has been generally accepted that the end justifies the means and by all means, not all will play the game fair;

Where people won’t stop being incorrigibly phony and make their damn intentions lucid;

In a world where people constantly continue to justify my cynicism;

It should be a grave sin not to put yourself first ALWAYS, Because honestly, people ain’t shit.




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