Beleza pós-parto (The uniqueness of the postpartum body)

The natural physical changes that come with motherhood should be regarded as the evidence of the incredible power of the female body not tagged as unattractive, shameful or unpleasant.

These bodies are far more beautiful, ’empowering’ and magnificent than the airbrushed

and over-sexualized unreal images that the mainstream media and your favourite female ‘celebrities’ have trained the public to see them as.

If a woman decides she wants to get her ‘pre-baby’ body back,  it’s all well and good. However, she should do it at her own volition and pace, not because she’s been pressured by the society to get rid of ‘something perceived as disgusting’ that’s actually a reminder of the intense and wonderful experience she’s had.






20" x 24"

Materials used: Charcoal and Graphite pencils on cardboard.



6 thoughts on “Beleza pós-parto (The uniqueness of the postpartum body)”

  1. Brother mine, flesh and blood did not reveal this to you! I totally love the concept and depth of this work. More elbow grease! #NoToBodyShaming


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